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Trees can be a beautiful addition to any landscape, but they also come with the added responsibility of keeping them up. When you notice tree limbs seem to keep falling down in your yard, and you worry about the safety of yourself or loved ones, it might just mean that now is time for cabling and bracing tree service.

Our cabling and bracing tree service can provide prompt assistance on behalf of Everett’s homeowners who need help with getting those trees back up as quickly as possible. Here is what you need to know before seeking out our help.

Everett City Trees has been providing tree bracing and cabling services to many homeowners in Everett and beyond, ensuring that their trees are always safe. But, surprisingly, we have realized that most of our esteemed customers can hardly differentiate between tree cabling and tree bracing. Some people have difficulty understanding these two different services and when they should come in handy. 

First up, let’s get some background on tree cabling and bracing before we move further.

Tree Cabling & Tree Bracing.
Cabling and bracing are strong solutions to any weakening of a tree’s structural integrity. Cables provide support while braces offer strength, but both can be used together for the best results. Cabling and bracing are essential, especially during high winds and heavy storms.

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Benefits Of Tree Cabling And Tree Bracing

 Restoration Of The Structural Strength Of Damaged Trees
How about prolonging the lifespan of your weakening trees? We understand that you might have failed to keep up with tree maintenance when they were younger. Moreover, some trees might have grown with a weaker structure — resulting in cracking of branches. This is not as bad as it sounds, so don’t freak out!

And don’t worry about the weaker trees. You can still restore their structural strength, even at maturity!

It Helps Protect The Main Branches Against Cracking
If your trees have “v-crotch” branches, they can easily crack and break off from the trunk. Tree cabling and bracing work together to restore the structural strength of a weakened trunk. The cables provide extra support for branches that are at risk, while the braces hold up vulnerable sections of trees against heavy winds or other damage from extreme weather events like hurricanes.

Young trees need to be trimmed and pruned for healthy growth. The right trimming will help avoid the ‘V-crotch’ branches that can grow into your tree’s crotch, causing damage in the future. We can help you trim and prune your trees from a young age in Everett WA, to avoid future problems.

Ensures Property Safety
Falling tree damage is a problem you don’t want to have with your roofing system, cars, water tanks, or fences. If the tree is already structurally weak and has overgrown branches that could be potentially hazardous to people or property, ensuring they have some additional support can help keep them in place and prevent damages from being caused by their encroaching limbs.

It doesn’t matter how healthy your tree may seem. Your property is always vulnerable to getting damaged if the branches of your trees have a v-shape. The removal of trees can be a delicate process. If your tree is immovable, we have two options to remove it: either moving them away or using structures like braces and cables that will help keep branches from falling.

 Regular Maintenance Is Still Important.
Cables and braces can get damaged over time, but it’s rare. To make sure you are staying safe around your home, it is important to regularly check the cables and braces for potential damage. If there’s anything wrong with it, call us for reinforcements or replacements.

Tree Cabling Vs. Tree Bracing: What’s The Best Option?

There are two ways that you can strengthen a tree’s structure, and depending on what the problem is with your tree, one of them will be better than the other. Here’s how they work:

Tree Cabling
Metal rods called tree cabling are installed between the main branches, which still allows for movement of the trees due to wind. Tree cabling is done on the upper parts of a tree in order to provide additional support and stability to its branch structure.

Tree Bracing
To save the tree from further damage, steel rods are installed above or under it. This helps provide additional stability to areas and prevent them from breaking down any more than they already have been.

Tree bracing is often used in conjunction with tree cabling. Usually applied to the lower parts of a tree, it restricts its natural movement and can therefore help stop or prevent further damage as well as increase stability

Request For Tree Cabling And Tree Bracing Services

If you notice your tree having a weak structure or under too much pressure, it’s important to take action right away. Falling trees can cause costly damage to your home or commercial property without warning.

If you’ve got a tree that needs some help, we are the team you can count on. That means if your tree is leaning or sagging, it could be time for us to step in with our expertise.

You want to keep your trees healthy and looking great year-round, but sometimes they need a little extra care. Let us take care of that. We offer cabling and bracing, as well as other services to help you maintain the structural integrity of your tree. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable about all things related to trees, so we can provide you with the best service possible. 

Call today for more information about our services and pricing – we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.


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