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Residential & Commercial Tree Service


Providing tree services for residential and commercial property owners in Everett, WA is our specialty. With expert inspections, pruning of small to large trees, and fertilization treatments for healthier plants and soil conditions, we provide everything you need in order to keep your trees healthy. You can also count on us being available 24/7 through our emergency tree service. You can get the support and expertise that will help your trees live long, healthy lives. From trimming to fertilizing and more complicated services like tree removal or emergency care for storm damage – we’ve got it all covered!

Tree Maintenance


Tree preservation and maintenance are a major concern for many homeowners in Everett. The trees that surround your property can be doing more than just beautifying the area as they provide natural air filters, offer shade from harsh sunlight during hot summer months, etc. Here are some tree services we offer:
Pruning & Trimming: It’s a good idea for reinforcing clear paths and keeping your yard looking tidy. Plus, it will make the tree healthier by reducing stress on its roots. It gets rid of branches that could choke the tree. By trimming overgrown branches and clearing deadwood, your tree can focus on the essentials of its growth. Tree pruning and trimming is a natural way of controlling pests or diseases as well.

Tree Care: Regular tree care and checkups can help prevent pests and disease. This means that tree diseases and pests will be controlled and will not spread to healthy parts of a tree.

We have many years of experience and are skilled in tree care services, so we can spot the signs of a dying tree and get it back on track using our best treatment services. Having been in business for years now, we have gained the trust and loyalty of many homeowners in Everett, WA. 

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We know that Everett, WA is one of the cities that also experience natural calamities. Due to the typical severe weather in this town, many homeowners report having fallen trees on their property and others blocking their way. So if you’re in need of emergency tree services, we are available 24/7 to help.

No matter what your emergency is for your home or commercial property, we are always ready to come out and help. We want your experience with us to be as pleasant as possible, so we promise our utmost care at every moment of our tree services.

Don’t wait for your tree to fall and cause unwanted damages! If it looks like the tree may tumble without warning, call us today and we will come out to take care of it. Our emergency tree service team will always act quickly and ensure your safety.

If you’re worried about the trees in your home because of the potentially disastrous weather, make sure to keep your valuable property away from them. In the event that your tree feels hazardous, you have the option of adding additional support, such as bracing and cabling. We also recommend trimming, pruning, or removing dead branches and dead wood from your tree before storm season come.


Tree cabling and bracing are a form of structure that offers extra support to weak limbs or trunks. These techniques extend the life of tree trunks and branches by restricting their movement. Call us to schedule an appointment for a regular checkup and for any issues related to tree cabling or bracing.

Our team of seasoned and reliable experts has been at the forefront to ensure we only provide you with top-of-the-line tree removal service.

What’s more? Our repeat clients have been eager to provide feedback on our tree removal services, with many of them saying they were pleased and impressed by the work we did.


After a tree is cut down or removed, what’s left on the ground should be permanently removed. Stump removal also means avoiding potential accidents for your pets and children. We have the right and quality equipment for both stump grinding and removal around your home. No matter the circumstances, we can help you and provide the best stump removal service.

Whether it be trimming or removal, our team will take care of everything for you so that you can get back to living life worry-free! Get in touch with us today for more information

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We'll handle all types of trees and in any circumstances. In our years in business we have seen pretty much everything.


Our crew is trained under strict guideline of the ISA, we take double preventative measures on every step of tree removal process

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You can trust us to handle the situation with care and we always consult with clients and provide the most eco-friendly options so that we save as much green as possible.


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