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Everett City Trees is your go-to company for stump grinding and removal services. We provide the most innovative, effective ways to remove tree stumps. And we’re proud of our experience in this field, which makes us your perfect choice when it comes to stump removal.

There are many benefits to stump grinding and removal, but there are also some disadvantages.

Stump Removal

When you remove a dead or unwanted tree from your yard, it leaves behind an unsightly stump sticking just out of the ground. Leaving a stump in your yard is always a bad idea.  There are many reasons why tree removal should be followed by stump grinding or stump removal.

It’s common for homeowners to wonder why stump grinding or stump removal is necessary. Here is why you should request stump grinding and removal service:

  • Stumps and other obstacles are the banes of a perfect lawn trim.
  • This item poses a danger to pets, kids, and even guests.
  • Stumps are a major turnoff for potential house buyers.
  • Termites can be a major nuisance, and if left unattended they’ll take over your compound in no time. Avoid this by cutting off the stump following tree removal- it will prevent rotting of the wood underground which attracts termite colonies.

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The heavy machinery is used to remove the stump and roots from the ground around it, leaving no part of the tree in its original position. This will leave you with a clean area to plant new trees if you wish. Besides, you don’t have to worry about rotting roots underground thanks to the shrewdness of our removal process.

However, stump grinding can be the best option depending on how close it is to a permanent property such as another building or even just one of your lawn’s fences. The removal process for a stump is no easy task. They churn away most of the soil, which may damage nearby property if not done properly or far enough from your own land. 

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the process of using specialized machinery to shred and grind a stump into small wood chips that can be collected for removal. The tree stump removal method leaves the roots of a tree unexposed and vulnerable. It only grinds up to 18 inches deep into the soil.

What About The Roots Left?
You’re probably wondering about the risks involved when you leave roots underground after tree stumps grinding. Will the roots grow new trunks? Will they rot and have spaces and holes underground?

The roots will not resprout, but they will slowly decompose that you won’t notice the vacuum in the soil. The decomposition process is a long and gradual one, that enables the roots to mix with soil and fill in any vacuum.

Can You Plant A New Tree In The Same Place?
While you can grow a new tree in the same place after stump grinding, We recommend that you don’t. The roots underground will prevent the roots of a new tree from growing deep and wide in the soil. The decomposing roots also change the soil’s acidity, making it unfavorable for tree growth. It can take years before new trees are able to grow back in that area and absorb all of these nutrients from the air again.

It is always important to get your soil balanced before planting a new tree in the same place. To avoid burning or disturbing roots, it’s best to request we take off your old stump rather than grinding it down.

What About The Woodchips Left?
The leftover wood chips after stump grinding can be used as sawdust to cover the hole, and our team will take it away for you so that your yard always looks tidy.

Why Request For Stump Grinding Or Stump Removal?

 Improve Safety In Your Home
Tree stumps should be removed to avoid accidents. Your pets and children can get hurt when they knock over the tree stump while playing.

Pest & Disease Control
You need to get rid of any rotting stumps you might have around your home, as it’s attracting termites and other invasive insects. Not only do these pests feed on healthy trees in the area, which can cause damage to properties nearby – but they also carry with them more diseases than you could ever know about.

Improve Your Home’s Appearance
The stumps in your yard are ruining the look and feel of your home. Removing them will improve how it looks, as well as give you a higher selling price for when that time comes.

When you need to make the decision to request stump grinding or stump removal, understanding how each process works may help in making your choice. The difference between when one is appropriate and when another should be chosen can also provide a clearer picture of which option would work best for your needs.

The cost for stump grinding and removal varies depending on factors such as trunk diameter, location, and wood hardness.
Whether you choose stump grinding or stump removal, Everett City Trees can help you get the best services.


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