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Tree pruning and tree trimming are two different things, but they often get mixed up.

Tree pruning is the process of removing branches from a tree to allow sunlight in for other parts of the plant so it can grow better. Tree trimming on the other hand, removes excess growth all around your tree’s trunk or roots that may be preventing water flow or creating obstacles for animals like squirrels who live nearby.

Pruning is a vital part of the tree’s overall health. Prune professionals can give you advice on how to best care for your trees and their natural habitats, as well as plant new ones. And Everett City Trees is a company dedicated to providing the best tree care services for residents of Everett, WA.

Recognizing dead branches on your tree does not necessarily mean the entire tree is dying. Removing these branches from the tree can be enough to save your tree by only ensuring that they are distributed and not wasted on a dead part.

We are the experts in tree pruning and can be trusted to identify any distracting limbs or branches that may harm your tree’s productivity. Everett City Trees has been serving the Everett community for years now, proving ourselves to be a trustworthy and reputable tree service provider. If you want to improve the health of your tree, call us for our professional tree pruning services today.

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Prune Your Trees The Right Way

Tree pruning is an important process that many people overlook. You’ll need to know the right techniques and timing in order for your trees to grow healthily. It’s important to understand why you need to prune your trees.

As mentioned before, tree pruning is not just about removing the dead branches and limbs; it demands an eagle eye and an experienced hand. If you are a beginner in tree pruning, the chances of damaging your home’s trees when trying to trim them is high. This is why you should always look for experts to help you with tree pruning.

Tree pruning is a delicate procedure that requires the right hands and equipment. For this reason, it’s important to only hire an expert for projects like us. But if you’re not sure where or how to start your search, get in touch with us so that we can help make your trees healthy again!

Pruning your trees during winter is the best way to help them grow. This will give you a great start on maintaining their health for years ahead! The left portions of the trees will receive the important nutrients, thereby stimulating growth. Summer is the perfect time to trim your trees. Pruning can help regulate growth and contribute a beautiful, natural look to your yard! With this, you can limit the number of leaves that produce food for your tree.

If you still don’t know when is the best time to prune your trees, give us a call. We will do our very best to make sure the work is done right so that you can enjoy a healthy, thriving tree for years to come!

Why Prune Trees?

You might be asking yourself – why should you prune your trees? Here are some reasons we encourage homeowners to do that.

Increase Or Control Its Growth
The techniques used for trimming, coupled with the timing of such pruning can have a profound influence on how your tree grows. If you want to make sure your tree grows at its best, it’s important that you prune it properly and on time. The right timing is crucial for easy growth balance.

It will instead grow evenly and eliminate the risk of broken limbs. The growth of your tree could be inhibited. Let our experienced team help you out and improve general health through tree pruning services.

Eliminate Pests & Diseases
When your trees start showing pest and disease infections, call us for assessment. When an infection is present, it will not always be easy to see. Some infections can even go undetected by a novice eye. This is why you should always call us for regular tree pruning services. Our skilled arborists in Everett will assess the condition before performing proper tree pruning to help ensure your tree’s health and prevent pests from spreading.

Avoid Nearby Property Damage.
It’s a good idea to schedule an annual tree inspection, and if there is any damage or diseases in your trees near the house you should get them cut down before they pose problems. Cause Not only will it be risky for the passers-by and family, but also the properties. Your car, walls, and roofing surfaces can be patched with pest wastes falling from the trees.

You don’t have to experience such losses when you can control them through tree pruning. Everett City Trees helps you avoid such dangers around your home and in your neighborhood, keeping everyone and every property safe.

Increase Fruit Production
Some trees in your yard produce fruits. With proper care, such trees can yield fruit more effectively. Tree pruning is one of the best tree care activities for fruit trees to increase their bearing. Working with your local arborist is a great way to increase fruit production in the trees on your property. Call us today for regular tree care and pruning services, including fertilizing.

Keep The Natural Look.
Pruning of trees is necessary to keep the natural beauty intact for years. Tree pruning can make your tree more beautiful, and able to grow larger by removing dead or overgrown branches.

Tree pruning is an important part of maintaining your trees. It can help make them more beautiful, and able to grow larger by removing dead or overgrown branches. You’ll be amazed at how much better your yard will look after a professional tree pruning service!

We offer competitive pricing on all our services so that you get the best value for money. Our team of professionals is friendly and knowledgeable, and they have years of experience in the industry. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate!

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