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Finding a reliable tree trimming service company in Bellevue can be challenging.

With so many options out there with varying prices and levels of expertise offered, finding somebody that fits what you’re looking for might seem too good to be true sometimes – but let us guarantee that you have found the best tree trimming service here at Everett City Trees.

Apart from being a certified company, we have an experienced team who always strives to give the best tree trimming services.

We have built an outstanding reputation and trust since coming into the industry years back, with a dedication to customer satisfaction. We are experts in the field of tree trimming.

Regardless of species, we can help you with a professional service that will leave your trees looking great from top to bottom!

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Tree Trimming Services In Everett, WA

Overgrown tree branches can present a serious danger to the integrity of nearby buildings. Rotten leaves and twigs could easily breach concrete walls, shingles on roofs or fences in a windstorm. Sometimes, when they extend to your neighbor’s compound, you might have a hard time with their neighbors. That can be avoided by calling us for our tree trimming services today.

We have a team of experts that know how to trim your tree safely and healthily. We only cut the branches you need for safety reasons, which will help keep its roots from choking it out.

If you’re tired of high tree branches interfering with your electricity and short ones scraping off paint, contact us. Our team is ready to take care of all the branch trimming needs in Everett. Everett City Trees team understands the needs of your yard and takes care in maintaining its trees.

We think about all the details that make a tree thrive, from watering to trimming. We understand how crucial it is for them to live their best life.

Why Work With Everett City Trees?

Picking the right tree service company can be a daunting task. You don’t want to choose just anyone blindly, hoping that they will do what is needed for your trees and other plants in your yard or garden area.

It has been our experience over the years of working with homeowners all across Everett WA. So here are the reasons why you should work with us:

 We Provide Competitive Prices
There’s almost no other place that provides top-quality tree trimming services but keeps their prices affordable to everyone. The care and attention we put into our work will not disappoint you.

You just need to compare the quality of it with other companies that are cheaper but offer lower-quality services that don’t include all the benefits that come from a certified tree trimming service company like ours.

We’re Fully Insured & Licensed
One of the most important factors in selecting a tree service company is safety. With all the hazards involved in trimming, you need to work with a company that values your safety. Everett City Trees is that type of company.

We want your tree trimming experience to be perfect, so we’ll never leave you liable for any accidents or losses. We’ve always done our best and will keep it that way!

We Have Built Trust & Reputation
Our clients and referrals are the real driving force behind our success in Everett, WA. We believe that our company’s success is based on providing the best services to you.

For this reason, we have always aimed at building trust and a good reputation with anyone that we serve by ensuring they are satisfied. We pride ourselves on our success story which is what sells us to new customers in Everett, WA.

Just like any other industry, experience is a factor that cannot be assumed when you need quality services. While shopping around for any contractor, this should be on the list of factors to consider. If you reside in Bellevue and are looking for an experienced tree trimming service contractor, then you can trust us with our experience.

Everett City Trees has been in the industry for years now and understands all of those little details that come with tree trimming. Our team of expert tree trimming professionals has completed hundreds of jobs, including difficult and dangerous situations. We are always up for a challenge!

 After Service Cleanup
The untidy work of some tree service companies has been a major complaint among residents. They may cut the trees with stringy, uneven branches and leave piles of sawdust that aren’t easily swept away on sidewalks or in yards.

At our company, we believe homeowners shouldn’t have to deal with the cleanup after paying for tree services. We make it a point of duty that you are free from any obligations and can go about your day worry-free knowing everything is taken care of.


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